The Impact of Oncotarget Journal Remains Stable According to Research Gate

Oncotarget’s RG journal impact figures show that the journal’s impact remained relatively stable in 2015/2016 compared to 2014. The statistics show that the journal average citations frequency stood at 3.41 times, which is only 0.28 times less than 2014. This figure means that every article published in the journal was cited 3.41 timesby other people on average. The 2014 value of 3.69 was a significant improvement when compared with the year 2013 when the average stood at 2.85 times. The journal’s lowest figure, .019, was recorded in its first year of publication, 2010. A year later, that value increased to 1.69 and then 2.90 in the year 2012. These numbers show that more and more scientists and researchers are using the articles published in the journal in their work.

Oncotarget to Increase Its Weekly Issues to Two

On September 19, 2017, PR News reported that Oncotarget would be publishing two issues in a week. The issues will be made available in various high-profile indexes and archives. The report further added that the journal had assured its readers the continued availability of its scientific publications in PubMed, Biological Extracts, and EMBASE among others. The journal is planning to work with the National Library of Medicine to ensure it achieves its dream of submitting an issue to PubMed shortly after publishing it online.

For a long time, Oncotarget has worked with authoritative scientific indexes and archives to enhance the availability of various scientific results to researchers, medical practitioners, and the society at large. The decision to increase weekly publishes to two will boost the indexing processes. More scientific articles and their findings will be available online faster than before.

About Oncotarget

Oncotarget is a medical journal that was started in 2010 and discusses research about oncology. Mikhail Blagosklonny and Andrei V. Gudkov work as the editors-in-chief of the journal published by Impact Journals. The journal also covers topics related to cancer, endocrinology, pathology, age-linked ailments, physiology, and immunology. In as far as cancer is concerned, the journal looks at the treatment methods of the different types of cancer, the potential targets for treatment, and the various treatment requirements that can be used to enhance the lives of cancer patients.