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Free FreedomPop In Spain

In 2011, the mobile app FreedomPop was launched in the U.S. It is a mobile virtual network operator that offers completely free mobile service plans when using their SIM card. According to VentureBeat, you will soon be able to use FreedomPop free of charge, through WhatsApp, if you live in Spain. Even if you are out of data, the messaging app will still work.
The company was launched first in the U.S., then later in the U.K. Spain is the third country FreedomPop will launch in. It is being launched in Spain via WhatsApp.
Though launched through WhatsApp, FreedomPop is not in any kind of formal partnership with either WhatsApp or Facebook. But by using WhatsApp to launch with, FreedomPop is hoping to make customers out of the 70 percent of people in Spain who use WhatsApp.
Upon signing up, FreedomPop is offering 200 free minutes, 200 free texts, and 200 MB of data completely free. They are hopeful that customers will like the service and want more of it, therefore becoming paying customers.
Another plus for the app is they offer free roaming in 31 countries if you live in the U.S., U.K, or Spain.

The link to the full article by VentureBeat is as follows:

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The Freedom to Be Yourself


Women have always loved makeup. From a young age we play with whatever we can get our hands on and smear it all over our faces. As we grow up, we refine our skills and turn the smears of color into precision lines, perfectly blended colors, and an overall look that makes us feel more like ourselves. When Doe Deere was young she was upset about the availability of her favorite colors. She searched and searched for the bright pinks, blues, and greens and couldn’t find them anywhere. So, one day she decided she would not be defeated and she started making her own makeup. This is how Lime Crime got started.

Doe Deere spent most of her childhood is Russia. When she was 17 she moved over to the United States. At this time the makeup industry was still very much into the “natural” look. Most colors were shades of brown and beige with splashes of light pinks here and there. There wasn’t a place for the colors that Doe loved so much, but she was sure that there were other girls like her out there that wanted these bright colors and the freedom of expression that they bring along with them. In 2009 she founded Lime Crime, the makeup line that has shocked the industry in a good way.

Doe got into the lab and started creating. She wanted to give the makeup world a product that produced not only the most amazing colors, but also was completely animal friendly. Bright greens, pinks, oranges, purples, and blues were everywhere, but when she emerged she was successful. She’d created a 100% vegan makeup line with colors that would shock the world. No longer would girls everywhere need to yearn for the colors that they loved so much. They would be able to express their inner selves and do it in a way that made them feel good about animals as well.

Doe’s fondest hope is that the people who use her makeup will feel better about themselves. She urges everyone to wear whatever they want if it makes them feel good. If what you want is to wear a blue polka dot dress and have lipstick to match, then go out there and be yourself! It’s how you feel that matters, not what the rest of the world thinks. Doe’s makeup line has given women everywhere the ability to reach inside themselves and pull out their inner unicorn. It’s positive and empowering. That’s what makes Lime Crime so special.

Read the interview with Doe Deere here:

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Kevin Seawright, A Real Estate Magnate Who Is Changing The Landscape

RPS Solutions LLC is a company which works to facilitate the achievement of individuals owning a home. They understand the long term value of home ownership for both, the buyer and the surrounding community; and carries out its mission by building and renovating affordable homes through various activities including connecting mortgage lenders with homebuyers. Along with the mission, they have the vision to identify a needy market and the best services to satisfy its needs. It looks to increase the amount of homeowners in the City of Baltimore, a plan that is coming to fruition with the development of the Belvedere Square neighborhood. Its commitment and number of satisfied customers have allowed it to aggressively expand; current and future development projects include: West Edmondale, Carney, Cedonia and Belair-Edison, all communities in Baltimore, MD and its surrounding areas. Kevin Seawright, founder of RPS Solutions LLC expresses how rewarding it is to see the benefits that his company brings to such neighborhoods and the prosperity that these will enjoy because of them. He runs a company that not only has its own future ensured, but is doing its part in ensuring the future of its community.

LinkedIn indicates Seawright is a graduate of Almeda University’s Masters program, where he earned an Accounting degree. Since then he has held multiple administrative positions in various companies including Vice President of Operations and Human Capital at Tito General Contractors and Executive Vice President & Chief Financial at Newark Economic Development Corporation. In 2015 he was recognized by the University of Notre Dame Mendoza College of Business for earning the second installment of the Nonprofit Fund Development Program; an Executive Leadership Certification which help business leaders keep up with the competitive landscape of today’s nonprofit sector. That same year he founded RPS Solutions LLC.

Known for his strategic vision, ability to achieve business goals and command new opportunities, Kevin, has established and developed his business in a relatively short time. He founded his company in 2015. He reformulates business strategies and builds responsive administrative divisions that align technology, organizational and economic goals, to consistently deliver results. Given the rapid rise of his business ventures, it makes sense that he enhances revenue to aid in the forecasting of annual returns increase of 25%, including goods and services; he has reduced staff turnaround rates, strengthened recruitment and adjusted compensation, leading to improved standardization, delivery of service, and superior company performance.

He has garnered a reputation as an efficient leader and administrator who establishes a great rapport with delegates and constituents, cross functional managers, clients and other leaders. For these and many other reasons he has received the Met Life Bridges to the Future award for operational and finance professionals, as well as numerous awards for financial responsiveness and effectiveness, while serving municipalities, for exceptional service and professionalism during difficult economic times.  Follow Kevin on SoundCloud for more information.

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Former Police Union President Offers Damaging Testimony In Investigation

In days gone by George Gascon has been pretty close with the police union. What was once a close relationbship is now riddled with accusations and animosity. Gascon has set up a task force tolook into allegations of racism and a lack of support or concern for diversity within the department.

A sworn statement was offered by the former police officer’s association president substantiated the claims. Gary Delagnes gave his statement to the committee run by Gascon. He elaborated on the abuses and further stated that what the police union does has a significant effect on the chiefs of police.

He reminded those on the task force that the overall behavior of the union and its officials are the mitigating forces that will influence what and how a chief gets his job done. These forces are not always positive or proactive in nature. They can have a damaging affect on performance and improvement in the departments as well.

Specifics were requested but those offering testimony declined to go further in depth. Delagnes has stated that the only way in which he will go further in depth over allegations levied against the department is if a legal subpeona is issued.

Witnesses have expressed their concern with the present investigation not coming to fruition and harming the reputation of many who may testify. It is for this reason that while official affidavits may be offered, anything that goes further in depth will have to wait for official poroceedings to commence.

What the task force is looking for is out there. Many incidences are very public and easy to find in opublic records. That isenough to bring charges and commence an official set of hearings. Anything more that is offered will not change the decision one wayor another.

Individuals such as theDistrict Attorney have expressed teir concern with this hesitation. Delagnes may offer some damaging statements in this case. The issue is credibility. We simply cannot base a case on someone who does not have the credibility to make their statements believable. Delagnes surely has a vivid imagination, but until something more solid shows itself the investigation will remain stalled.


Find out more about George Gascon:

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San Francisco District Attorney Scrutinized After Blowing Whistle on Police Corruption

On March 1st, 2016 San Francisco District Attorney George Gasçon announced that his office would file felony and misdemeanor charges against three Sheriff’s deputies. This comes after D.A. Gasçon sounded off about the Police Officers Association, the Union representing police, in February. His criticism is that the union’s rules make reform impossible; essentially running interference where corruption needs to be examined and dealt with, such as in the case of the three deputies who allegedly played roles in facilitating gladiator-style fights between inmates at the county lockup. Some feel Gasçon’s motives in departmental reform are related more to his political aspirations than they are to any police corruption. District Attorney Gasçon was formerly the San Francisco Chief of Police; and those questioning the D.A.’s motives are presenting this as a conflict of interest.


As detailed in greater scope here:

former Police Officers Association Union president, Gary Delagnes, has presented a sworn testimony to the committee which Gasçon appointed to investigate alleged exchanges of racist and homophobic work-related text messages amongst officers. In this testimony Delagnes recalls a 2010 meeting that took place in a restaurant between then-Chief Gasçon, himself, and a couple of other union officials, during which an intoxicated Chief Gasçon didn’t shy away from expressing disdain for minorities and making racist remarks while remembering his time with the Los Angeles Police Department, loudly enough to attract ire from fellow patrons. Current Union President Martin Halloran, who was present at that dinner says that if called to testify he would vouch for the accuracy of Delagnes’s recollection and go into greater detail if or when that time comes.

More information for George Gascon:

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Reputation is Very Fragile for University Teacher

A professor at a University has had her life changed and not for the better because of an altercation with some journalists. She has since become the image of someone that is against the first amendment. However, she was protecting students that were involved in a protest from the press. The video has shown her fighting with the journalists and calling for some muscle. As a result, she has been suspended and has gained a lot of fame for the altercation. She has also had her reputation torn apart which is going to be hard to recover. Fortunately, there is hope in the form of Status Labs.


Status Labs is an online reputation management company that specializes in helping people recover from any damages to his or her reputation. Reputation is very important for people in various aspects of life. One must have a good reputation in order to be able to get a job. Businesses that have a bad reputation tend to fail. Therefore, it is important to have an agency that could handle reputation, especially with the Internet since information can stick to the search engines for a lot longer than it would on a newspaper.


According to The Daily Beast, Status Labs works on improving the reputation of its clients with a wide variety of methods for its campaign. Among the methods of reputation management include providing new content that is optimized for search engines. This helps remove the bad piece of information from the front of the search results. In some cases, they can request to have certain images and pieces of information about the client removed so that he or she can recover better from the crisis. As of right now, Melissa Click is working on a campaign with Status Labs in order to recover from the incident that has made quite an impact on her career. Follow Status Labs on Instagram @statuslabs to keep up with their events.

Other information:

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Investment Banking: Investing and Raising Capital

An investment bank is a monetary establishment that aids individuals and companies in increasing their finances. This assistance is performed by helping the individual or company in investment decisions and participating in stock exchange transactions alongside or on behalf of the individual. Investment bankers make it possible for those skilled in business to locate the profitable investments and maintain them in the long run.

Investment banks are not only capable of underwriting and issuing collateral, but they offer the opportunity to act as a representative on their behalf. Martin Lustgarten, an investment banker, is a prime example of the personality type these financial entities may assign an individual with. Investment banking is a job which entails phenomenal analytical skills, interpersonal skills, and responsibility. A job which involves taking on the authority of another person’s finances requires a righteous-minded, trustworthy, and logical individual.

Martin Lustgarten is an investment banker with one of those winning personalities. He is a lover of all things vintage which entails that he holds sentimental value and morality. Accompanying his love of vintage collectibles, Lustgarten loves to collect aesthetically pleasing items as well. He is an investment banker who shows appreciation in both the idea and sight of an item. These small hobbies display a much larger scale idea of a person’s wisdom and values. A sharp mind coupled by morality is the type of mind an investor can trust when making decisions with his or her funds.

Investment banking includes two fundamental services; the “selling” the “buying”. The selling service includes the trading and promoting of securities. Selling is performed through extensive research and underwriting. The buying service includes handling investment transactions; managing business experts and businesses in their investment. These two services can open up an abundance of opportunities for those who may choose to utilize them. Having access to high skill levels of investing is critical to business and personal finance.

Investment banking supplies an opportunity and location for investors to construct and preserve their investments. Access to skilled experts with wisdom-filled intuition in the stock exchange and mastery regarding profitable investments is pivotal. Individuals and companies should look to utilize the benefits of an investment bank. They may receive vital information and experience from updated, professional understandings in investing their finances and increasing capital. Find Lustgarten on Facebook to keep up with his news and events.

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Shaygan Kheradpir: Chief Executive at Coriant


Shaygan Kheradpir is a man of many achievements. Kheradpir recieved his bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorial degree in electrical engineering from Cornell University. He has over 28 years of experience in the financial, technological, and telecom industries.

He began his career as an executive with GTE Corp. From there, he worked at Verizon as executive vice president and chief information officer. After Verizon, Kheradpir entered the financial world working for Barclays as chief operations and technology officer. He then worked for Juniper Networks, and then began the role of operating partner at Marlin in early 2015.

Kheradpir has been appointed the Chief Executive Officer and Board Chairman of Coriant in September of 2015. He built a relationship with Coriant during his time Marlin Equity Partners. Coriant gives many solutions to many network operators for more than 100 countries. Shygan is suspected to be a key factor in the planning and operations of Coriant. He will also help grow the industry with technological solutions that give direct impact to the market.

Shaygan Kheradpir is not lacking in experience, and this will be of great value to Coriant. Kheradpir will be a key factor in data-intensive end user applications. These application will be used in the development of the hyper-scale data center. They will also be used in 100G to multi-terabyte coherent metro and cloud infrastructure built-outs.

Shaygan is taking over for Pat DiPietro. While DiPietro was at Coriant he was President and CEO, DiPietro is now the company’s Vice Chairman. While DiPietro was in charge he focused on integration and portfolio initiatives. He enjoys Coriant’s portfolio of data networking. DiPietro also believes the environment at Coriant is innovative and has a strong global reach. He is confident in the fact that Coriant will be able to help clients with cost-disruptive network solutions. This will lead to a much better network for customers. They will experience an elevated amount of automation, the programming will be much easier, and will have an increased rate of agility. This will all be achievable with the appointment of Shaygan Kheradpir as Chief Executive Officer and Board Chairman for Coriant.

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John Goullet’s Info Technologies Joins Diversant

John Goullet is a hedge fund manager and entrepreneur who founded Info Technologies in 1994. This Internet Technology company grew into a corporation worth about $30 million.

John Goullet got his start at Info Technologies. This eventually became number eight on the list of Inc. Magazine’s list of 500 fastest-growing private companies. John’s corporation also worked in conjunction with Diversant, Inc. since 2005 to provide both staff and technologies for clients until the merger. As of 2010, Info Technologies and Diversant, Inc. became DIVERSANT LLC.

One of the primary objectives DIVERSANT currently has is to provide highly-skilled staff to Fortune 500 corporations and mid-sized companies. Potential IT employees who turn to this company for career assistance are given tools to find gainful positions.

Some of the types of IT jobs people land via DIVERSANT include automation engineer, mobile technology engineer, website developer or account manager. They usually are required to have proficiency in a variety of database and networking technologies. In addition, they usually are required to have prior experience. Likewise, they usually need proof of proper training before becoming employed.

DIVERSTANT places the highest-performing employees. However, they also provide quite a bit of resources for people who are not sure what career path to take. This is especially true of active veterans who are now reentering the work world. They usually receive a comprehensive skill assessments. In addition, they are given tools to prepare for job interviews, design resumes, and build computer skills.

DIVERSANT also assists people in another way. This company, which now is the largest African-American owned corporation in America, offers diversity training for all employees. This helps companies boost their team-building morale and enhances production performance.

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Doug Levett is releasing his Greyhound Diaries

America has a great history, and singers play an incredible role in this history. Singer-songwriters have crossed the country for centuries singing the story of America, and helping people form greater connections to their history, culture, and each other. The traveling folk singer is an icon within American history, but today’s overprocessed music industry has convinced America that the singer-songwriter is dead. People need these singers, and one man decided that he was going to take up the cause of the classic folk singer.

Doug Levitt was once a humble reporter. He worked as a foreign correspondent in London for many years, working with great news agencies like ABC and NBC. He loved life as a reporter, but he longed for an opportunity to hit the open road and to learn more about America. One day, he decided to hit the open road and learn the story of this great nation.

Ten years ago, Doug started riding Greyhound buses on a regular basis. During each ride, he would collect stories about American life. Levitt’s encounters helped him learn a great deal about Americans from all walks of life, but especially about the poorest Americans. People often avoid traveling by bus, so many bus riders are extremely poor people with no other option. After years of collecting stories during his bus rides, Doug Levitt is finally ready to release the results of his project.

Doug has unveiled his Greyhound Diaries series. The series manifests as a series of EP recordings and a web series of new and exciting songs. These songs give people real insight into the struggle that people feel every day in this country. Doug understands this struggle is real, but he also understands that the people experiencing this struggle are real people. He wants to tell their stories in a way that is authentic and enjoyable for the listener.

Audiences are already falling in love with the Greyhound Diaries. Listeners love the realness of each recording and they eagerly await more recordings. Doug is proud of the work that he did on this project and he plans on continuing his work for years to come.

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