New Brunswick has crime

When a pizza delivery driver arrived at the intended delivery location, he was turned away by the resident of the place. The driver was informed by the tenant, that no one ordered a pizza at that location. As the delivery driver began to return to the vehicle, three men approached and stated that the pizza was intended for them. One of the men displayed a handgun and placed it against the delivery driver’s head and demanded that money be given to them.

The men stole the driver’s wallet, which contained money and they took the pizza also and then drove away in a minivan which was dark colored. Police Detectives obtained cell phone data from the site location to determine who was in the area at the time of the robbery. This led Detectives to a 21 year old New Brunswick man, named Parysh Wood, who also goes by the moniker “P gun” and also “Pistol”. Police charged Mr. Wood with robbery, as he was the leader of the three men involved.

Middlesex County Correction Center is where he was incarcerated with a $100,000 bail. Detectives were able to solve the case due to the digital footprint left by the suspect’s cell phone data. Additional investigations are underway for additional arrests in the case.

Another incident occurred in New Brunswick at an apartment located across from a Police Department Headquarters. A suspect shot a victim in the apartment complex, which houses 206 units. The victim was dropped off at a hospital, specifically the at RWJ Hospital, by someone in a dark colored Honda. The suspect of the shooting was seen wearing a hoodie who sped off, driving in the direction of Neilsen Street. When police investigated the apartment complex the next day, they discovered bullet casings at the scene. This apartment complex is known to police as being a hotbed for crime activity.

It was reported that as many as four shots were fired at around the time of 9:30 P.M. The victims wounds from the gun shot were reported as being non-life threatening and the Detectives in the case are withholding the identity of the victim, as well as the suspect of the shooting, while they investigate the case fully. This is due to the possible charges that are to be later determined from the outcome of the case.