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Former Police Union President Offers Damaging Testimony In Investigation

In days gone by George Gascon has been pretty close with the police union. What was once a close relationbship is now riddled with accusations and animosity. Gascon has set up a task force tolook into allegations of racism and a lack of support or concern for diversity within the department.

A sworn statement was offered by the former police officer’s association president substantiated the claims. Gary Delagnes gave his statement to the committee run by Gascon. He elaborated on the abuses and further stated that what the police union does has a significant effect on the chiefs of police.

He reminded those on the task force that the overall behavior of the union and its officials are the mitigating forces that will influence what and how a chief gets his job done. These forces are not always positive or proactive in nature. They can have a damaging affect on performance and improvement in the departments as well.

Specifics were requested but those offering testimony declined to go further in depth. Delagnes has stated that the only way in which he will go further in depth over allegations levied against the department is if a legal subpeona is issued.

Witnesses have expressed their concern with the present investigation not coming to fruition and harming the reputation of many who may testify. It is for this reason that while official affidavits may be offered, anything that goes further in depth will have to wait for official poroceedings to commence.

What the task force is looking for is out there. Many incidences are very public and easy to find in opublic records. That isenough to bring charges and commence an official set of hearings. Anything more that is offered will not change the decision one wayor another.

Individuals such as theDistrict Attorney have expressed teir concern with this hesitation. Delagnes may offer some damaging statements in this case. The issue is credibility. We simply cannot base a case on someone who does not have the credibility to make their statements believable. Delagnes surely has a vivid imagination, but until something more solid shows itself the investigation will remain stalled.


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