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Doug Levett is releasing his Greyhound Diaries

America has a great history, and singers play an incredible role in this history. Singer-songwriters have crossed the country for centuries singing the story of America, and helping people form greater connections to their history, culture, and each other. The traveling folk singer is an icon within American history, but today’s overprocessed music industry has convinced America that the singer-songwriter is dead. People need these singers, and one man decided that he was going to take up the cause of the classic folk singer.

Doug Levitt was once a humble reporter. He worked as a foreign correspondent in London for many years, working with great news agencies like ABC and NBC. He loved life as a reporter, but he longed for an opportunity to hit the open road and to learn more about America. One day, he decided to hit the open road and learn the story of this great nation.

Ten years ago, Doug started riding Greyhound buses on a regular basis. During each ride, he would collect stories about American life. Levitt’s encounters helped him learn a great deal about Americans from all walks of life, but especially about the poorest Americans. People often avoid traveling by bus, so many bus riders are extremely poor people with no other option. After years of collecting stories during his bus rides, Doug Levitt is finally ready to release the results of his project.

Doug has unveiled his Greyhound Diaries series. The series manifests as a series of EP recordings and a web series of new and exciting songs. These songs give people real insight into the struggle that people feel every day in this country. Doug understands this struggle is real, but he also understands that the people experiencing this struggle are real people. He wants to tell their stories in a way that is authentic and enjoyable for the listener.

Audiences are already falling in love with the Greyhound Diaries. Listeners love the realness of each recording and they eagerly await more recordings. Doug is proud of the work that he did on this project and he plans on continuing his work for years to come.

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