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The Freedom to Be Yourself


Women have always loved makeup. From a young age we play with whatever we can get our hands on and smear it all over our faces. As we grow up, we refine our skills and turn the smears of color into precision lines, perfectly blended colors, and an overall look that makes us feel more like ourselves. When Doe Deere was young she was upset about the availability of her favorite colors. She searched and searched for the bright pinks, blues, and greens and couldn’t find them anywhere. So, one day she decided she would not be defeated and she started making her own makeup. This is how Lime Crime got started.

Doe Deere spent most of her childhood is Russia. When she was 17 she moved over to the United States. At this time the makeup industry was still very much into the “natural” look. Most colors were shades of brown and beige with splashes of light pinks here and there. There wasn’t a place for the colors that Doe loved so much, but she was sure that there were other girls like her out there that wanted these bright colors and the freedom of expression that they bring along with them. In 2009 she founded Lime Crime, the makeup line that has shocked the industry in a good way.

Doe got into the lab and started creating. She wanted to give the makeup world a product that produced not only the most amazing colors, but also was completely animal friendly. Bright greens, pinks, oranges, purples, and blues were everywhere, but when she emerged she was successful. She’d created a 100% vegan makeup line with colors that would shock the world. No longer would girls everywhere need to yearn for the colors that they loved so much. They would be able to express their inner selves and do it in a way that made them feel good about animals as well.

Doe’s fondest hope is that the people who use her makeup will feel better about themselves. She urges everyone to wear whatever they want if it makes them feel good. If what you want is to wear a blue polka dot dress and have lipstick to match, then go out there and be yourself! It’s how you feel that matters, not what the rest of the world thinks. Doe’s makeup line has given women everywhere the ability to reach inside themselves and pull out their inner unicorn. It’s positive and empowering. That’s what makes Lime Crime so special.

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