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Shaygan Kheradpir’s Resurgence as Coriant CEO


Shaygan Kheradpir has just made an astonishing new comeback. The man who has exhibited the leadership needed to harness multi-million dollar companies is now settling in to his new role as the CEO of electronics company Coriant. The enterprise sells hardware and software for optical transmission and originally broke off from Siemens.

Kheradpir is of course not going into this enterprise blind. The man has literally tons of experience, both good and bad, in order to draw from. He has done considerably well in his role as an Operating Executive with Coriant’s parent company, Marlin Equity Partners. Thus, what might seem like a risky gamble is not so bad considering that Kheradpir knows the ins and outs of the Coriant company.

Moreover, Kheradpir is an individual who knows about business and technology. “Kheradpir is a recognized leader with 28 years of experience across the telecom, technology, and financial services industries.” With that type of experience, this should certainly be a good move to make Kheradpir the head man at Coriant.

His predecessor said the following: “We are honored to welcome Shaygan to Coriant and fortunate to have an executive of his caliber leading the company. His strategic insight and guidance on focused operational execution have been invaluable since we began working together earlier this year, and we are confident in his ability to drive Coriant to the next level of growth.”

There can be no question Kheradpir has plenty of industry experience, having spent time at the helm of GTE Corporation and at Verizon Communications and even making a foray into the financial world with his corporate position at Barclays Bank. The challenge will be in how well he can manage a company such as Coriant, which regularly makes a Billion dollars in revenue each year and has over 500 regular customers.

To put it mildly, this is definitely going to be a challenging position for him. He will have to harness all of his past experience in order to lead Coriant into the rest of the 21st Century.

Of course, in many regards Kheradpir has demonstrated time and again his mettle, starting with his college days at Cornell. Indeed, he holds a Bachelor’s, Master’s, and PhD in engineering from the college. During his time at Verizon, Kheradpir was responsible for developing a humongous infrastructure product, that of FiOS, which had a $20 Billion budget.

Kheradpir has also demonstrated his solid engineering prowess with the many patents he has out and the enormous amount of papers he has published in peer reviewed journals. Kheradpir could very well be the best thing that ever happened to Coriant networks, and he will do all he can, going the extra mile to increase the profitability of this company.

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