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The Success Story of Norman Pattiz, the Founder of PodcastOne

The prominence of Norman Pattiz is behind his title of being the Westwood One’s Founder. It is under his leadership that the company turned out to become the largest American radio network. This is in addition to being the provider of sports, news, talk, entertainment and the traffic programming alongside the Industry dealing with Broadcasting role. At some point in time, the Westwood One not only owned and managed but also enhanced the distribution of the NBC radio networks, the Mutual Broadcasting System, NCAA Basketball, both The Summer and Winter Olympic Games, The Super Bowl, NFL Football, CBS News, and Plus March Madness.

It was in the year 2010 when Mr. Pattiz established a Courtside Entertainment Group. It is worth acknowledging that he lately acquired the introduction of the PodcastOne & PodcastOne Sales which is currently leading in the sales and marketing of the national podcast.

Earlier on, President Clinton appointed him as one of the United States’ Broadcasting Board of Governors. His exemplary performance in his duties resulted in his reappointment in the year 2002 by a different president, President Bush. Remarkably, the oversight role of the entire nonmilitary services of broadcasting is done by the BBG ( Those offering such services include the Radio Free Europe, the Radio Liberty, The Voice of America as well as the Middle East Broadcasting. It was his responsibility then to launch and launch the Americas’ Arabic language radio as well as television across all the twenty-two Middle East countries. This is in addition to the Farsi language that broadcasts to the Iran and is received by approximately forty million listeners per week.

The background of Mr. Pattiz is in broadcasting. Additionally, he works at the University of California in the position of a Regent. Notably, he also occupies the chairmanship position at the Lawrence Livermore as well as the National Security Laboratories of Los Alamos. This is in addition to his role as one of the participants of the Pacific Council on the International Relations as well as the Council of Foreign Relations.

It was back in the year 2009 when Norman Pattiz received an induction into the National Radio Hall of Fame and managed to attain the “Giants of Broadcasting Award”. The award was provided by the Library of American Broadcasting.

Worth acknowledging is the fact that Mr. Pattiz has a vast experience and has a record of success in the various activities that he has engaged himself in. He is, therefore, a role model alongside hard work and shows no effort goes unrewarded. Learn more: