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Reputation is Very Fragile for University Teacher

A professor at a University has had her life changed and not for the better because of an altercation with some journalists. She has since become the image of someone that is against the first amendment. However, she was protecting students that were involved in a protest from the press. The video has shown her fighting with the journalists and calling for some muscle. As a result, she has been suspended and has gained a lot of fame for the altercation. She has also had her reputation torn apart which is going to be hard to recover. Fortunately, there is hope in the form of Status Labs.


Status Labs is an online reputation management company that specializes in helping people recover from any damages to his or her reputation. Reputation is very important for people in various aspects of life. One must have a good reputation in order to be able to get a job. Businesses that have a bad reputation tend to fail. Therefore, it is important to have an agency that could handle reputation, especially with the Internet since information can stick to the search engines for a lot longer than it would on a newspaper.


According to The Daily Beast, Status Labs works on improving the reputation of its clients with a wide variety of methods for its campaign. Among the methods of reputation management include providing new content that is optimized for search engines. This helps remove the bad piece of information from the front of the search results. In some cases, they can request to have certain images and pieces of information about the client removed so that he or she can recover better from the crisis. As of right now, Melissa Click is working on a campaign with Status Labs in order to recover from the incident that has made quite an impact on her career. Follow Status Labs on Instagram @statuslabs to keep up with their events.

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