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The Growth of FreedomPop

Of the many mobile carriers to keep in mind when looking for a high quality and inexpensive mobile carrier with excellent services, one company to look at is a company that is known as FreedomPop, a new mobile carrier that has hit the international market and is known for the excellent quality services that are for individuals on a budget. In a recent FreedomPop review, FreedomPop is a recommended service for individuals with a large family that must stay in touch as well as a recommended services for individuals that are just starting out and remain on a budget while accumulating funds.


FreedomPop is a unique service due to all of the free services that are provided that are of the highest quality. These free services include free text messages, free voice calls, as well as data which are all offered to individuals for a small signup fee. The best part of these free services is the fact that these services are rolled over to the next month if they are unused. FreedomPop is a fast growing company that truly takes care of each and every customer and treats each individual as a unique individual that has a unique purpose and need.


What makes each and every service so cheap for users is the fact that FreedomPop offers services that are used through the Sprint network. As FreedomPop relies mostly on hot spots, this mobile carrier functions the best in urban areas where the hot spots are numerous and are in the thousands. If residing in a rural area, it is recommended to ask a FreedomPop employee or someone with this mobile carrier in order to make sure that this is the best service. As FreedomPop is growing at an exponential rate, this is proof alone that the services that are offered are excellent as well as affordable.


FreedomPop is not only a unique company that offers excellent services such as text, voice calls, as well as data. FreedomPop also offers other affordable services such as internet as well as wifi. With countless international investors that have put time, effort, as well as money into FreedomPop, this company is expected to not only grow, but is also expected to continue to improve what they have to offer. FreedomPop only wants to help individuals on a budget and believes that mobile carriers should be a cheap necessity rather than an expensive luxury.


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Free FreedomPop In Spain

In 2011, the mobile app FreedomPop was launched in the U.S. It is a mobile virtual network operator that offers completely free mobile service plans when using their SIM card. According to VentureBeat, you will soon be able to use FreedomPop free of charge, through WhatsApp, if you live in Spain. Even if you are out of data, the messaging app will still work.
The company was launched first in the U.S., then later in the U.K. Spain is the third country FreedomPop will launch in. It is being launched in Spain via WhatsApp.
Though launched through WhatsApp, FreedomPop is not in any kind of formal partnership with either WhatsApp or Facebook. But by using WhatsApp to launch with, FreedomPop is hoping to make customers out of the 70 percent of people in Spain who use WhatsApp.
Upon signing up, FreedomPop is offering 200 free minutes, 200 free texts, and 200 MB of data completely free. They are hopeful that customers will like the service and want more of it, therefore becoming paying customers.
Another plus for the app is they offer free roaming in 31 countries if you live in the U.S., U.K, or Spain.

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