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Norka Luque Has An Undeniable Sound And It’s Contagious

Norka Dubrazka Soraya Martínez Luque, the Caracas-born singer, has always known she would become an internationally known performer. Her unusual style and tone are inherent qualities that have been finely tuned through years of lessons and practice. Norka started singing at the age of eight. She was cast in a musical and a light went on. She was bitten by the performance bug and everyone in the audience saw what she was capable of doing during her part in the play. Her mother and father encourage her to sing, and they paid for voice and piano lessons. When Norka was ready to graduate from secondary school, she had to make a choice. She could stay in Venezuela or she could go to France and study. She picked France, and that was a life-changing decision.

While Norka Luque was studying business administration in France, she decided to join a group that performed in the French dance clubs. The group, “Bad Moon Rising” had a rock and roll sound with a reggae twist and the clubbers love the sound. Norka knew that her education was going to help, but singing was the most important part of her life.

In 2007, Norka went to a Ricky Martin concert, and it was there, while she was rocking to one of her childhood idol’s music that she knew she had to move to the United States. Martin represented the kind of music that she loved, and Miami was the place to perform that music. Nora moved to Miami and left her group behind, but it didn’t take her long to be hired by a dance club along the Miami strip. Norka developed her own Latin style, and it was obvious she was one of a kind.

The word spread along the stripe that Norka Luque was the bomb, and the dance club was filled with admirers that couldn’t get enough of her music. One night the legendary producer Emilio Estefan came to her sing, and he was blown away by her talent. Estefan is the man behind the Miami Sound Machine and the husband of Gloria Estefan. Estefan offered Luque an opportunity she couldn’t refuse. He wanted to produce her music and cut a record. In 2011, her first single was released, and it hit the Billboard Charts in a hurry. In 2012, her second single, Milagro, hit #11 on the Billboard Dance Charts, and it stayed on top of the Charts in Venezuela for 14 straight weeks. Follow Norka Luque on Facebook to learn more.

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