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Thor Halvorssen Continues To Agitate In THe Name Of Human Rights

Venezuelan born human rights activist Thor Halvorssen has always tried to do things in his own unique way when it comes to bring the attention of the world to the problem of human rights abuses. The New York based head of the Human Rights Foundation has not cared which feathers he ruffles, whether they are governments in closed societies or his fellow human rights activists; Halvorssen believes the message of human rights should cross the political spectrum and takes his views to any platform he can find from the right to left wing media groups.

Thor Halvorssen has even taken his anger at the way the human rights of people around the world are being abused to traditionally conservative news media, including Fox News in the U.S. Thor Halvorssen is also a well known film producer who has worked with some of the biggest names in Hollywood on both fiction and non fiction productions that have brought him considerable success; the film work of Thor Halvorssen has often reflected his own interests in human rights as his documentary work has covered humor in the communist Soviet Union and an uprising in socialist Hungary.

Bringing freedom to the people of the world seems to have been something of a family tradition for Thor Halvorssen and his ancestors, on his mother’s side the human rights activist is descended from the first President of Venezuela Cristobal Mendoza. Halvorssen has often taken a different approach to many of his colleagues in the human rights activism community as he believes each and every discussion should rest upon the basis of full human rights enjoyed by all.

According to Forbes, as a member of an influential family in Venezuela Thor Halvorssen could have taken an easier route through life, but instead chose to embark on a career as an activist as he felt firm action was needed in the area. Instead of aligning the Human Rights Foundation with activists in New York who rarely leave the city he decided to fill the board of the not for profit with dissidents and defectors who have first hand experience of difficult political situations.