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Avi Weisfogel’s Genuine Passion For Dentistry

Avi Weisfogel has a passion for nice teeth. When dating he was always looking at women’s teeth, so becoming a dentist was a natural decision. Dr. Weisfogel since has found his dentistry career to be highly rewarding and couldn’t find a better career. He loves treating his patients for their dental needs and sleep disorders.

Out of college Dr. Weisfogel began his practice at Old Bridge Dental Care as a general dentist treating sleep apnea. He left his practice at Old Bridge Dental Care to purchase two other practices, always to upgrade his practice. He then went on to form his own practice Dental Sleep Masters to specialize in sleep disorders. He says that when professionals don’t know how to help their patients they are referred to him.

At Dental Sleep Masters he does the marketing and oversees his business growth. He has developed successful marketing strategies that draw in a steady stream of 100+ patients a month specifically targeting patients in need of oral appliance treatments according to his biography page on his practices website. He achieved such high numbers of patients by presenting himself as an authority in sleep disorders, not by targeting his patients, but by targeting other dental professionals and explaining his treatment methods. His marketing skills are also used to help those in need.

Dr. Weisfogel currently focuses his marketing efforts into the nonprofit realm for the charity Operation Smile by sponsoring a Gofundme campaign. Operation Smile is a charity that repairs heritable disfigurements on the upper lip of children and babies. His animated Gofundme call for donation video can be found here. He still works on this campaign.

In his personal life also mixed with advertising his practice you can find Avi Weisfogel hanging out on social media from facebook to youtube. Quick to share an article on the Cleveland Browns or his dental business any prospective client can get an idea of his personality. His commitment to being the best is the forefront of his practice. If you’re suffering from sleep disorders and you need treatment, look no further.

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Talk Fusion is Making Strides

Talk Fusion has recently been given the award for the WebRTC Product of the Year 2016 because of their product, Video Chat. The TMC award is meant to honor and appreciate technology companies for their contributions to providing solutions towards effective communication over the years. They recognize solutions that provide browser applications for voice calling, video chat and even P2P file sharing without requiring internal or external plug-ins.

Talk Fusion has received the award after releasing their product Video Chat. Video Chat enables users to communicate face to face using any device. Users can use it on their tablets, smartphones, or desktops. The application is available on iTunes and Google play stores, and users only need to download and install to begin using it. Users do not need to be within proximity to each other for the application to work. The need to plugin has also been eliminated making the application easy to use.The CEO, Bob Reina, says the award is well deserved with the entire team working hard to improve communication between people.

The IT Director of the company agrees that for technology to be useful, the day to day needs must be addressed. People in real life must use the solutions provided by technology. Talk Fusion applies this when developing applications. Their products and solutions are unique and made in a manner that makes them easy to use. Talk Fusion will be launching their free trials for the application.

Talk Fusion is a company that strives to offer video marketing solutions. They help businesses grow through their innovative products and patent-pending video technology. The products are marketed in person by independent parties in over 140 countries. Talk Fusion introduced the first Instant Pay Compensation Plan in the world. They uphold high business ethics and are a member of the Direct Selling Association (DSA). Talk Fusion is trying to change the way the world communicates with each other by providing more innovative and efficient solutions. Through their work, Talk Fusion strives to be the provider of video marketing solutions and help businesses grow while changing the lives of others.

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Shared Office Spaces– The Workplace of the 21st Century?

Today’s style of coworking is a unique style of work and work spaces that involves a shared work environment, often by employees not employed by the same organization. Coworking is designed as a social gathering with groups of individuals who share the same values, work ethics, and are interested in learning and working alongside someone of a different career background; not working in isolation. Coworking is about both the physical space as well as the community of workers.

These types of coworking spaces are on the rise today, but is shared work space a brand new and innovative idea? Take a look back at the Renaissance era. During this time period master artists would teach new artist, nurturing their talents. This led to new artistic forms with artists now competing among themselves, yet in a shared space with mutual respect. The Renaissance era expanded apprenticeships of all kinds, painters, sculptors, artists, mathematicians, engineers, and more. The result of this era was a new insight into ways of working together to design and deliver products and services.
The Renaissance era taught us to give workshop space, not separated office desks in small rooms, to employees in order to turn new ideas and inspirations into new products and ventures. It showed us how to foster conversations and combine intelligence of people with different skills and abilities, not to separate these specialties into separate offices.

One company that is taking what was learned in the Renaissance era and developing a new business called Workville. Workwille is located in Midtown West at 1412 Broadyway, 21st floor, New York City, New York. Workwille’s shared office space is designed to feel inviting, warm, and welcoming. They offer light, airy spaces to work in with plenty of sun-light. There is a terrace in which you can take a break and revitalize by taking in a breath-taking sunset.

There is also a café and common areas. Workville NYC is located in a central location within the city, provides fast internet, mail services, fresh coffee, private phones, and printers.