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You Could Start Having Lower Monthly Auto Payments With Ignition Financial

Did you know that when your car dealer tells you that you’re getting a bargain as far as your payments go, you could still be paying less? Unfortunately, dealerships don’t tell you that they get a percentage of every loan that they participate in, even if the dealer themselves are not the financier. The addition of their commission to your loan may bring the price up another 4%, which is all pocketed by the dealer as extra money on top of what you’re paying them for the car. How fair is it that you have to pay more than is necessary, just so you can get a car to drive?


It’s understandable that dealership is trying to make money anyway they can, but when a car is already expensive, some dealers go too far in charging extra monies to their customers. It’s outrageous that a customer can be paying as much is 28% on the interest payments for their loan. What you need to do is to refinance your loan because there’s always a chance that your rate can become a lot lower, which means that you’ll be paying less on your payments every month.


Even though the best thing about refinancing a loan is lower payments, you can also have your old loan bought out by a new financier, who will then give you different terms on when you have to make payments and how much the payments are each month. Ignition Financial is a company with loan advisors who are experts, and they are very good at matching a customer with auto financing that is in their best interest. Many people have saved a lot of money by going through Ignition Financial, especially since they work with enough different financiers to give a customer different refinancing options.


Not only can a single loan be refinanced but several auto loans, especially if it’s for a business. Anyone who feels that you’re paying too much money on their car payments can go to Ignition Financial, the ‘slash my payments’ company, and they’ll get exactly what they want. Keep in mind though that there will be a credit check in order to get the refinancing started, so the better your credit rating, the lower your payments are going to be. If you’re skeptical about your eligibility to refinance your car, then simply fill out the application on Ignition Financial’s website to get started.