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Class Dojo Has Started The Model For Improving Education Internationally

First launching in 2011, Class Dojo is a company that has set out to improve tha quality of education for students in school all around the United States as well as the rest of the world. Liam Don and Sam Chaudhary are ex-teachers who saw a lacking area in today’s education system, which happens to be communication. The Class Dojo platform is an educational program with a strong focus on improving communication between students, parents, and teachers, both in the classroom and outside it. Within a relatively short amount of time, Class Dojo manged to greatly expand their awareness, with their platform being using by nearly every two out of three schools in the United States. It doesn’t stop their however, since the Class Dojo app is also being used in over 100 different countries.

Class Dojo’s founders, Sam and Liam, know the importance of communication, especially for developing students, which is what inspired them to create the company, after traveling to many different schools and seeing what people had to say about education. Using their platform is simple and easy, as it can be downloaded to nearly any device that has an internet connection. Participating is as simple as receiving and invite from a students instructor. The app is also safe and secure for use, this was a high priority for Class Dojo’s founders. All information is contained within the app and cannot be accessed from anywhere else. In any case, the app requires no personal information to get signed up and started, not to mention it’s completely free.

Class Dojo has managed to spark connections between many parents and students as well as with their teachers. Because of the large number of referrals it managed to spread quickly as well. The inspiration and desire behind Class Dojo is to build up a positive mindset behind everyone involved in the school environment, hoping to build stronger communities and create encouraging atmospheres. During the course of the year, Class Dojo’s platform keeps track of everything that comes into the Class Board, including pictures, videos, stories, and more, to save those special classroom moments. Along with this, current progress and behavior reports can be reviewed at all times to keep track of a students progress.