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A Closer look at Orange Coast College

Orange Coast College is a community based college located in Orange County California. Dennis Harkins is the current President of Orange Coast College. The college offers two year associates degrees within the area of Arts and Sciences. Learn more:


The college campus sits on roughly 160 acres of land. The school colors are blue and orange. The school first opened in the fall of 1947.


Orange Coast College is considered one of the top transfer institutions within Orange County. Many students who graduate from Orange County go on to four year colleges of their choice. In addition, some graduates obtain employment in their chosen field of study where a two year degree is accepted and considered for employment.


Admission requirements for the college are a high school diploma or equivalent. A Certificate of Proficiency or equivalent is also accepted by the college.


In 2002, an 38 acre Island near the coast of Georgia was donated to the Orange Coast College Foundatin. After several money donation were made additional renovations were made to the Island. A spacious field station was added to the Island so that Ecology and Biology classes could be taught as part of the summer program. In addition, a wheelchair station was also added to the Island to accommodate any person with medical disabilities.


*Housing & Structural Improvements:


In 2014, the original student center as well as the Academic Honors office was remodeled. Part of the remodeling project involved expansion and enlargement of student center and honors office.


On campus housing is not available. However, there are a variety of reasonably priced apartments within close proximity of the college in which several students have rented on a yearly basis. Learn more:


The campus has been undergoing some structural changes which began in late 2015. The Neutra Buildings are now being demolished to make room for a large college park. Plans to landscape the grounds with trees, benches and concrete walks are all part of the reconstruction plan.