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Dr. David Samadi’s Show on Sunday 15 October to Delve into Breast Health

According to the American Society of Clinical Oncology’s (ASCO) website, Cancer.Net, over 300 thousand women, and less than three thousand men will be diagnosed with breast cancer in 2017. Apparently, more women than men are diagnosed with the life-threatening disease. Consequently, more women than men are expected to die from breast cancer this year. According to medical specialists knowledgeable in breast cancer such as Dr. Cynara Coomer, the only way of reducing deaths as a result of breast cancer is through a breast cancer awareness campaign. She believes that the campaign reduces the stigma associated with breast cancer as well improve early detection of breast cancer. Dr. Cynara is an established breast cancer surgeon who has served in various respectable hospitals such as Lennox Hill Hospital, and Mount Sinai Medical Center.

Presently, she is the Chief of Breast Surgery and Director of the Comprehensive Breast Center at Northwell Health Staten Island University Hospital. On Sunday, October 15, Dr. Cynara will be a guest on Dr. David Samadi ’new show, “Sunday Housecall.” At the show, Dr. Samadi and Dr. Cynara will dwell extensively on breast health. The show will stream on starting at 12:30 pm EDT. As viewers watch the informative show, they are free to call in or email breast health-related questions. Dr. Cynara will attend to the questions not only during the live broadcast but also after the show. Dr. Samadi who practices at Lennox Hill Hospital worked with Dr. Cynara before she left. He respects her not only as a former colleague but also a leading expert in breast health.

Viewers of this week’s episode of Dr. Samadi’s show will benefit from other upcoming episodes on Sundays of every week. The episodes will touch on various medical conditions such as prostate cancer, sexual health, men’s health, women’s health, not forgetting emerging trends in the medical field. Dr. Samadi will bring in new guests every week to keep the show exciting and diverse.

Dr. Samadi is not new to live shows. Those who know Dr. Samadi remember him for his show on Fox News Channel, “Sunday Housecall,” which aired between 2011 and 2016. His other shows include a radio program, “World Health News,” he launched in 2015. His regularly updated website,, is filled with information regarding medical conditions such as prostate cancer.

Dr. Samadi is the Chairman of Urology and Chief of Robotic Surgery at Lenox Hill Hospital. He is a highly experienced professional who is dedicated to helping his patients attain their health goals.

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Clay Siegall pursues strategy of finding stagnant cancer niches

The treatment of cancer in the United States saw huge gains throughout the course of the 20th century. Between the year 1900 and 1950, United States citizens’ chances of being able to survive a cancer diagnosis went up by orders of magnitude. The survivability of many types of cancer continued to improve dramatically throughout the 1970s. But shortly thereafter, the rate of increase in survivability of many cancer types began to stagnate. By the mid-1990s, there had been few real innovations over the preceding 20 years. This led to novel developments and new types of totally unprecedented methods for both treating cancer and developing drugs.

One of these new disciplines that came on the scene, starting in the mid-’90s, was the class of drugs now known as targeted cancer therapies. Although this category extends to include an extremely wide array of disparate types of drugs, one of the most promising areas of targeted cancer therapy development has been the introduction of a class of drugs known as antibody drug conjugates. Simply put, antibody drug conjugates use human-like antibodies to deliver highly lethal cytotoxins directly to the surface of tumors and malignant tissues.

This allows for the radical increase in the amount of cytotoxic agent that can be administered at any given time. The result is the ability of the drug to all but wipe out the malignancy, with just one course of treatment. It also can virtually eliminate the horrible side effects associated with chemotherapeutic regimens.

No one has been more instrumental in the development of antibody drug conjugates that Clay Siegall. After having founded Seattle Genetics, as a company dedicated primarily to the research and development of antibody drug conjugates, Dr. Siegall has decided to pursue the strategy of finding cancer types that have not seen significant improvements in survivability over the preceding decades. This strategy has paid off handsomely.

Seattle Genetics’ first FDA-approved drug, ADCetris, has marked the first time in decades that patients suffering from refractory non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma have been able to see significant improvements in their mortality rates. Thanks to Dr. Siegall, this is now a highly survivable disease.