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Bruno Fagali’s Fight For Compliance

The alcohol consumption in Brazil has increased significantly in recent years with the introduction of appealing advertising campaigns and cheap alcoholic beverages. Bruno Fagali’s law firm Fagali Advocacia has taken up the cause to maintain strict compliance regulations and often warns advertising agencies of new regulations on its website.

In 2017, the National Council for Self-Regulatory Advertising (CONAR) provided a jurisprudence summary that broadens the already existing advertising regulations.
CONAR strictly mentions that the rules apply to advertising of alcohol on any medium or platform. Alcohol producers must not advertise their products with an imperative appeal of consumption and must exhibit a clear warning clause on any advertisement they release.

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Fagali Advocacia states that these rules are not new, but instead the jurisprudence summary has been released as a form of guidance for companies operating in the industry according to It is more of an explanation and clarification of what the rules are, the exceptions and to whom the rules apply. This is in fact a cordial gesture from CONAR as it will benefit industry players for example, it will enable faster decision making when creating and deciding where to place advertisements. The summary also mentions the exceptions to the rule for example, alcohol advertisements in stadiums.

Bruno Fagali’s law firm Fagali Advocacia has followed the CONAR’s gesture of a peaceful clarification as it announced the jurisprudence in its websites newsletter, Fagaspress. This is exactly what Bruno Fagali strives for, a clear understanding and relationship between the law and those who must abide by them. Bruno is pro-compliance and is dedicated at improving the ethics and reputation of the Brazilian legal department, which has been stricken by corruption in the past.

Bruno Fagali’s law firm also specializes in advising and defending any issue involving advertising and the internal workings of any business. This jurisprudence may affect his new and existing clients and therefore Bruno Fagali has kindly released the new summary to everyone.

Since Bruno Fagali graduated law school from PUC-SP in 2009 he has quickly developed his skills and reputation as one of Brazils most trustworthy, dedicated and successful legal advocates.

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