Betsy Devos Stance on School Choice is a Part of her Agenda for Education

The 11th U.S. Secretary of Education, Betsy Devos, has created the competitive grant program for U.S. education. At the top of her agenda is school choice. This is an aspect of the education that has always been important to parents. School choice allows parents to send their children to the best places to be instructed. With school choice, students are not forced to attend certain public schools that not properly teaching children.


Besty Devos has always been heavily involved in education. Her husband Dick Devos and she share a deep passion for education America’s young. For many years, they have impacted the education field inside the city of Grand Rapids and the rest of the state of Michigan.


Mrs. Devos realized early on that children would not be able to succeed unless they had a high-quality education. Many of the inner-city children who are forced to attend public schools usually receive a low standard form of education. Now, this is not to say that all public schools are bad – because they are not.


However, if a student has to receive an education at a public school that has low funding and inadequate resources; then their education will be stunted. It is a known fact that students who attend lowly funded schools are less successful than students at highly funded institutions. Mrs. Devos’s school choice agenda is beneficial to many parents and their students. It simply provides them with more opportunities for a better education.


The Dick and Betsy Foundation is Mrs. Devos’s charitable organization that provides donations for charitable and social causes. They also use this organization to help promote their school choice agenda. Mrs. Devos and her husband even has their own aviation based charter school which teaches students how to fly while providing them with an outstanding education. This charter school is known as the West Michigan Aviation Academy and it is located in Grand Rapids.


Mrs. Devos plan has been approved by President Donald Trump. Since she is a part of his administration she has to answer to him. The President approves of her school choice agenda and believes that she is taking the nation on the right path in terms of education. Betsy Devos is extremely committed to what she is doing and wants all American students to succeed.


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