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Avi Weisfogel’s Genuine Passion For Dentistry

Avi Weisfogel has a passion for nice teeth. When dating he was always looking at women’s teeth, so becoming a dentist was a natural decision. Dr. Weisfogel since has found his dentistry career to be highly rewarding and couldn’t find a better career. He loves treating his patients for their dental needs and sleep disorders.

Out of college Dr. Weisfogel began his practice at Old Bridge Dental Care as a general dentist treating sleep apnea. He left his practice at Old Bridge Dental Care to purchase two other practices, always to upgrade his practice. He then went on to form his own practice Dental Sleep Masters to specialize in sleep disorders. He says that when professionals don’t know how to help their patients they are referred to him.

At Dental Sleep Masters he does the marketing and oversees his business growth. He has developed successful marketing strategies that draw in a steady stream of 100+ patients a month specifically targeting patients in need of oral appliance treatments according to his biography page on his practices website. He achieved such high numbers of patients by presenting himself as an authority in sleep disorders, not by targeting his patients, but by targeting other dental professionals and explaining his treatment methods. His marketing skills are also used to help those in need.

Dr. Weisfogel currently focuses his marketing efforts into the nonprofit realm for the charity Operation Smile by sponsoring a Gofundme campaign. Operation Smile is a charity that repairs heritable disfigurements on the upper lip of children and babies. His animated Gofundme call for donation video can be found here. He still works on this campaign.

In his personal life also mixed with advertising his practice you can find Avi Weisfogel hanging out on social media from facebook to youtube. Quick to share an article on the Cleveland Browns or his dental business any prospective client can get an idea of his personality. His commitment to being the best is the forefront of his practice. If you’re suffering from sleep disorders and you need treatment, look no further.

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Talk Fusion is Making Strides

Talk Fusion has recently been given the award for the WebRTC Product of the Year 2016 because of their product, Video Chat. The TMC award is meant to honor and appreciate technology companies for their contributions to providing solutions towards effective communication over the years. They recognize solutions that provide browser applications for voice calling, video chat and even P2P file sharing without requiring internal or external plug-ins.

Talk Fusion has received the award after releasing their product Video Chat. Video Chat enables users to communicate face to face using any device. Users can use it on their tablets, smartphones, or desktops. The application is available on iTunes and Google play stores, and users only need to download and install to begin using it. Users do not need to be within proximity to each other for the application to work. The need to plugin has also been eliminated making the application easy to use.The CEO, Bob Reina, says the award is well deserved with the entire team working hard to improve communication between people.

The IT Director of the company agrees that for technology to be useful, the day to day needs must be addressed. People in real life must use the solutions provided by technology. Talk Fusion applies this when developing applications. Their products and solutions are unique and made in a manner that makes them easy to use. Talk Fusion will be launching their free trials for the application.

Talk Fusion is a company that strives to offer video marketing solutions. They help businesses grow through their innovative products and patent-pending video technology. The products are marketed in person by independent parties in over 140 countries. Talk Fusion introduced the first Instant Pay Compensation Plan in the world. They uphold high business ethics and are a member of the Direct Selling Association (DSA). Talk Fusion is trying to change the way the world communicates with each other by providing more innovative and efficient solutions. Through their work, Talk Fusion strives to be the provider of video marketing solutions and help businesses grow while changing the lives of others.

For more information on the Talk Fusion visit

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Norka Luque Has An Undeniable Sound And It’s Contagious

Norka Dubrazka Soraya Martínez Luque, the Caracas-born singer, has always known she would become an internationally known performer. Her unusual style and tone are inherent qualities that have been finely tuned through years of lessons and practice. Norka started singing at the age of eight. She was cast in a musical and a light went on. She was bitten by the performance bug and everyone in the audience saw what she was capable of doing during her part in the play. Her mother and father encourage her to sing, and they paid for voice and piano lessons. When Norka was ready to graduate from secondary school, she had to make a choice. She could stay in Venezuela or she could go to France and study. She picked France, and that was a life-changing decision.

While Norka Luque was studying business administration in France, she decided to join a group that performed in the French dance clubs. The group, “Bad Moon Rising” had a rock and roll sound with a reggae twist and the clubbers love the sound. Norka knew that her education was going to help, but singing was the most important part of her life.

In 2007, Norka went to a Ricky Martin concert, and it was there, while she was rocking to one of her childhood idol’s music that she knew she had to move to the United States. Martin represented the kind of music that she loved, and Miami was the place to perform that music. Nora moved to Miami and left her group behind, but it didn’t take her long to be hired by a dance club along the Miami strip. Norka developed her own Latin style, and it was obvious she was one of a kind.

The word spread along the stripe that Norka Luque was the bomb, and the dance club was filled with admirers that couldn’t get enough of her music. One night the legendary producer Emilio Estefan came to her sing, and he was blown away by her talent. Estefan is the man behind the Miami Sound Machine and the husband of Gloria Estefan. Estefan offered Luque an opportunity she couldn’t refuse. He wanted to produce her music and cut a record. In 2011, her first single was released, and it hit the Billboard Charts in a hurry. In 2012, her second single, Milagro, hit #11 on the Billboard Dance Charts, and it stayed on top of the Charts in Venezuela for 14 straight weeks. Follow Norka Luque on Facebook to learn more.

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The Manse On Marsh; A Premier Assisted Living Facility

Senior living facilities are divided up by the levels of care that they can provide. Their residents vary from being entirely independent to requiring fully skilled nursing care around the clock. They can all vary a great deal in size from just a couple of beds to hundreds. Furthermore, they can be owned privately by individuals or major corporations. In this chapter we will profile each type of facility, their benefits, and what to consider when deciding to go private or corporate.

Assisted Living (ALF)
Assisted living is becoming the most common and popular option among aging adults nationwide with new facilities opening on a daily basis across the country. Here in California you can barely throw a stone without hitting one. While it is certainly the goal of ALFs to encourage the self-preservation and independence of its residents, it offers an increased level of care and supervision.

SeniorHousingNet describes how the majority of ALFs are widespread single-level, or high rise buildings with large common areas and private or semi-private rooms. However, it is becoming more common for smaller facilities to be built out of converted homes. Laws require that they have at least one nurse on the staff who will oversee the care of every resident on the property regardless of their health or condition. They are also required to have a certain number of resident aides providing assistance and care based on individual state laws. ALFs provide their residents with the peace of mind of 24hour security and care available as often as they need. In fact, any good ALF performs hourly “checks” in which a resident aide will check in with each individual resident on the hour to ensure they are safe, comfortable, and content. Some additional benefits include emergency call systems, laundry and housekeeping services, and 3 meals daily in addition to snacks, exercise and wellness programs, and personal care services for those that require it.

If you are interested in finding a high quality assisted living facility for yourself or loved one, you would be wise to consider The Manse On Marsh. At their beautiful facility The Manse On Marsh offers a dynamic calendar of social events and activities, delicious daily meals, and exceptional caring staff to care for their residents. They have also received many awards recognizing them for their achievements in providing the best quality of care to their residents.

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Brian Torchin Uses His Medical Staff to Provide the Best

Brian Torchin has found his way through the medical field through the use of his business, Health Care Recruitment Counselor staffing (HCRC). Torchin started out as a chiropractor in healthcare and this is where he got his inspiration to open up the company. Torchin saw that the industry was lacking health care professionals and so he set out on a journey to provide health care facilities with the right professionals.

Torchin has the passion for improving the medical industry. By allowing professionals to be hired through his staffing agency, Torchin is able to provide hospital settings with the right employees while also ensuring that health professionals have a job. Respecting the clients needs and providing the best is what Torchin believes in. Communication is important in the healthcare industry and by providing clients with that communication, he is able to meet their needs and provide an overall satisfactory experience.

Every client has different needs and when it comes to these needs, Torchin’s the guy to go to. Having a long list of experiences and reliable sources, Torchin is able to point out the absolute needs of his clients.

Graduating from the University of Delaware and attending the New York Chiropractic College, Brian Torchin has the education and experience needed to drive HCRC forward. Torchin is dedicated throughout and puts his whole heart into his work in order to provide for his clients. Ensuring that the medical industry has the best professionals working for them is what Torchin wants. Brian Torchin has the passion and drive for getting your health care facility the recruits they need.  Read more about Brian on Bitsylink.

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Jim Hunt and Investment Professional

Jim Hunt is a managing director and an investment officer. He finished his Marketing major and become a member of Engineering Advisory Counsel at the University of Notre Dame. He also went to Rochester Institute of Technology and graduated with Bachelor’s Degree in Science and also took up Professional Photography. Jim Hunt is also known to be an expert when it comes to business development, managing consulting and entrepreneurship.

Jim Hunt also introduces wealth wave review by which chart is used apparently to review the trading on the stock market and will show to profit when stocks are falling. It is somehow considered to be a very important thing in business and finance thus, video training went available to every investor that will help them understand the revolutionary procedure in making money.

There are a lot of investment professionals nowadays and each one is more than willing to take a risk so long as they will have a good profit in return. VTA Publications Ltd founded in the year 2012 was proven to have good track records since then. VTA Publications Ltd is a private active limited company and a publisher of non-fictional distance learning course. They are committed to providing exceptional concepts in the field of economics and finance.

VTA Publication Ltd offers digital materials that can be used to widen human knowledge about trade stocks, correct retirement planning, and various options for strategic trading. They also conduct seminars to those who are interested in joining. With their expertise in finance and featured products offered, people are more likely convinced and encouraged to join trading business provided that they are confident enough to gain profit.

Stock trading is defined to be a nature of business wherein people buy a stock in the market and sells it at a correct timing or when the prices of stock in the market fluctuate higher than the usual. It is said to be a risky job for not everyone ends up a winner. It doesn’t guarantee sure winning all the time and based on their experience of those who tried doing this type of business, it is somehow impossible to succeed if a person doesn’t have any idea about finance and on how the business goes. A person who is interested in doing stock trading should know the pros and cons, must be willing to always take a risk and must have a strong desire to succeed.

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Free FreedomPop In Spain

In 2011, the mobile app FreedomPop was launched in the U.S. It is a mobile virtual network operator that offers completely free mobile service plans when using their SIM card. According to VentureBeat, you will soon be able to use FreedomPop free of charge, through WhatsApp, if you live in Spain. Even if you are out of data, the messaging app will still work.
The company was launched first in the U.S., then later in the U.K. Spain is the third country FreedomPop will launch in. It is being launched in Spain via WhatsApp.
Though launched through WhatsApp, FreedomPop is not in any kind of formal partnership with either WhatsApp or Facebook. But by using WhatsApp to launch with, FreedomPop is hoping to make customers out of the 70 percent of people in Spain who use WhatsApp.
Upon signing up, FreedomPop is offering 200 free minutes, 200 free texts, and 200 MB of data completely free. They are hopeful that customers will like the service and want more of it, therefore becoming paying customers.
Another plus for the app is they offer free roaming in 31 countries if you live in the U.S., U.K, or Spain.

The link to the full article by VentureBeat is as follows:

Learn more from this review of FreedomPop

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The Freedom to Be Yourself


Women have always loved makeup. From a young age we play with whatever we can get our hands on and smear it all over our faces. As we grow up, we refine our skills and turn the smears of color into precision lines, perfectly blended colors, and an overall look that makes us feel more like ourselves. When Doe Deere was young she was upset about the availability of her favorite colors. She searched and searched for the bright pinks, blues, and greens and couldn’t find them anywhere. So, one day she decided she would not be defeated and she started making her own makeup. This is how Lime Crime got started.

Doe Deere spent most of her childhood is Russia. When she was 17 she moved over to the United States. At this time the makeup industry was still very much into the “natural” look. Most colors were shades of brown and beige with splashes of light pinks here and there. There wasn’t a place for the colors that Doe loved so much, but she was sure that there were other girls like her out there that wanted these bright colors and the freedom of expression that they bring along with them. In 2009 she founded Lime Crime, the makeup line that has shocked the industry in a good way.

Doe got into the lab and started creating. She wanted to give the makeup world a product that produced not only the most amazing colors, but also was completely animal friendly. Bright greens, pinks, oranges, purples, and blues were everywhere, but when she emerged she was successful. She’d created a 100% vegan makeup line with colors that would shock the world. No longer would girls everywhere need to yearn for the colors that they loved so much. They would be able to express their inner selves and do it in a way that made them feel good about animals as well.

Doe’s fondest hope is that the people who use her makeup will feel better about themselves. She urges everyone to wear whatever they want if it makes them feel good. If what you want is to wear a blue polka dot dress and have lipstick to match, then go out there and be yourself! It’s how you feel that matters, not what the rest of the world thinks. Doe’s makeup line has given women everywhere the ability to reach inside themselves and pull out their inner unicorn. It’s positive and empowering. That’s what makes Lime Crime so special.

Read the interview with Doe Deere here:

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Kevin Seawright, A Real Estate Magnate Who Is Changing The Landscape

RPS Solutions LLC is a company which works to facilitate the achievement of individuals owning a home. They understand the long term value of home ownership for both, the buyer and the surrounding community; and carries out its mission by building and renovating affordable homes through various activities including connecting mortgage lenders with homebuyers. Along with the mission, they have the vision to identify a needy market and the best services to satisfy its needs. It looks to increase the amount of homeowners in the City of Baltimore, a plan that is coming to fruition with the development of the Belvedere Square neighborhood. Its commitment and number of satisfied customers have allowed it to aggressively expand; current and future development projects include: West Edmondale, Carney, Cedonia and Belair-Edison, all communities in Baltimore, MD and its surrounding areas. Kevin Seawright, founder of RPS Solutions LLC expresses how rewarding it is to see the benefits that his company brings to such neighborhoods and the prosperity that these will enjoy because of them. He runs a company that not only has its own future ensured, but is doing its part in ensuring the future of its community.

LinkedIn indicates Seawright is a graduate of Almeda University’s Masters program, where he earned an Accounting degree. Since then he has held multiple administrative positions in various companies including Vice President of Operations and Human Capital at Tito General Contractors and Executive Vice President & Chief Financial at Newark Economic Development Corporation. In 2015 he was recognized by the University of Notre Dame Mendoza College of Business for earning the second installment of the Nonprofit Fund Development Program; an Executive Leadership Certification which help business leaders keep up with the competitive landscape of today’s nonprofit sector. That same year he founded RPS Solutions LLC.

Known for his strategic vision, ability to achieve business goals and command new opportunities, Kevin, has established and developed his business in a relatively short time. He founded his company in 2015. He reformulates business strategies and builds responsive administrative divisions that align technology, organizational and economic goals, to consistently deliver results. Given the rapid rise of his business ventures, it makes sense that he enhances revenue to aid in the forecasting of annual returns increase of 25%, including goods and services; he has reduced staff turnaround rates, strengthened recruitment and adjusted compensation, leading to improved standardization, delivery of service, and superior company performance.

He has garnered a reputation as an efficient leader and administrator who establishes a great rapport with delegates and constituents, cross functional managers, clients and other leaders. For these and many other reasons he has received the Met Life Bridges to the Future award for operational and finance professionals, as well as numerous awards for financial responsiveness and effectiveness, while serving municipalities, for exceptional service and professionalism during difficult economic times.  Follow Kevin on SoundCloud for more information.

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Former Police Union President Offers Damaging Testimony In Investigation

In days gone by George Gascon has been pretty close with the police union. What was once a close relationbship is now riddled with accusations and animosity. Gascon has set up a task force tolook into allegations of racism and a lack of support or concern for diversity within the department.

A sworn statement was offered by the former police officer’s association president substantiated the claims. Gary Delagnes gave his statement to the committee run by Gascon. He elaborated on the abuses and further stated that what the police union does has a significant effect on the chiefs of police.

He reminded those on the task force that the overall behavior of the union and its officials are the mitigating forces that will influence what and how a chief gets his job done. These forces are not always positive or proactive in nature. They can have a damaging affect on performance and improvement in the departments as well.

Specifics were requested but those offering testimony declined to go further in depth. Delagnes has stated that the only way in which he will go further in depth over allegations levied against the department is if a legal subpeona is issued.

Witnesses have expressed their concern with the present investigation not coming to fruition and harming the reputation of many who may testify. It is for this reason that while official affidavits may be offered, anything that goes further in depth will have to wait for official poroceedings to commence.

What the task force is looking for is out there. Many incidences are very public and easy to find in opublic records. That isenough to bring charges and commence an official set of hearings. Anything more that is offered will not change the decision one wayor another.

Individuals such as theDistrict Attorney have expressed teir concern with this hesitation. Delagnes may offer some damaging statements in this case. The issue is credibility. We simply cannot base a case on someone who does not have the credibility to make their statements believable. Delagnes surely has a vivid imagination, but until something more solid shows itself the investigation will remain stalled.


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