Anthony Petrello’s Profile As Oil Industry Leader And Children’s Disease Research Donor

Anthony G. Petrello is the President and CEO of Nabors Industries, a position he has held for over 5 years now, and is an expert in oil drilling technology and business strategy.

Nabors Industries currently runs the largest fleet in the world both on land and off-shore, and they manufacture both rigs and peripheral oil drilling equipment, and they own proprietary technology and computer software for their operations. Petrello has used his influence to implement research into more automated technology and keep Nabors ahead of its competitors, and he himself knows a thing or two about mathematics and scientific formulas. Petrello moved up the ranks as an executive, not only during his time at Nabors but throughout his whole business career.

Petrello is originally from the Newark, NJ area and was quite adept at learning various subjects growing up. According to a roommate he had back when he attended Yale University, Anthony was especially gifted at solving math problems. One of his professors was a famous mathematician named Serge Lang, a man who put a lot of work into what modern day Algebra math has become. Petrello excelled at his studies and graduated with high honors from Yale, but instead of going into mathematics, he decided he wanted to go into law instead.

Petrello then went to Harvard Law School where he got his J.D. in the field and then started going into private practice. Anthony Petrello first started working for Baker & McKenzie Law Firm, an international law firm with offices and clients spread out all over the world, and Petrello worked in the New York City office. He primarily managed cases dealing with corporate and financial law, and helping clients with legal compliance. Anthony Petrello became Managing Partner at the firm in 1986. Nabor Industries was one of the firm’s clients at the time, and they were so impressed by the job Petrello was doing at the firm and saw his educational background, and decided they wanted to hire him as a company executive. He moved down to Houston in 1991 where he’s lived ever since with his wife Cynthia, a former television actress and their daughter Carena.

Petrello’s time as a father is what has shaped his philanthropic endeavors and dedication to helping young children with disabilities and brain disorders. His daughter Carena was born with periventricular leukomalacia, also known as cerebral palsy which has made life difficult for her. Anthony knew his daughter would have to live with that, but he wanted to help other children who might be born with similar problems. So he started establishing and donating to research centers for brain diseases, including the Texas Children’s Hospital where he joined another entrepreneur, Dan Duncan in funding research. The research center is known as the Jan and Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute and employs some of the world’s most brilliant neuroscientists and researchers, all looking for new breakthroughs in brain disease treatments.

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