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Why Do Triumphant Brands like Fabletics Exploit the Power of the Crowd?

Consumer’s final decision on whether to make a purchase or not are mostly as a result of the power of the crowd. The modern customer relies on crowd-sourced reviews to make up their minds on the purchases to make. Today’s customer trusts all that they read in these reviews as they take them like they would a personal recommendation from somebody familiar to them. Savvy brands have taken note of this change in consumer behavior and are already arming themselves with fresh marketing strategies that are review-centered.




Fabletics is part of the savvy brands that leverage the power of the crowd. The company has managed to post exponential growth since it was launched in 2013. It has grown by over 200% and boasts of more than $235 million in terms of its revenue as well as a membership of over a million persons. According to Shawn Gold, TechStyle Fashion Group’s corporate marketing officer, a huge chunk of the success that the company enjoys is down to embracing the crowd or user reviews marketing strategy. These reviews help in increasing the rate of customer retention, improve loyalty and boost customer acquisition by brands in various industries.


Why are Customer Reviews Important in Today’s Market?


A large number of people today are leading digital lives and this makes online reviews an important factor that influences their decision-making process. Modern consumers really trust crowd-reviews and usually research businesses before they make up their mind to buy from them. A study done by BrightLocal established that about 84% of consumers trust the online reviews they get in the same way they would take personal recommendations from people they know. The percentage increases every year that the study is conducted.


According to Peter Holten Muhlmann, the CEO as well as founder of Trustpilot, modern consumers do not trust conventional advertising and marketing like they used to in the past. He added that smart brands have noted this change and moved swiftly to leverage it. Most consumers frequently research businesses on a monthly basis. This has seen the number of websites incorporating user reviews on their sites increase drastically over the years. Savvy brands understand that genuine reviews enhance their bottom lines and increase their revenue.


About Kate Hudson’s Role at Fabletics


Kate Hudson and her team at Fabletics have managed to grow their company into a $250 million venture in a short period of time. Despite the famous actress having no background in business, she made the cut for partner due to her approachability and active lifestyle. Kate Hudson got down to work from the first day by ensuring that budgets were well reviewed and helped in picking social media marketing strategies. She is also involved in the design process and works with the team to ensure that their styles are always fresh. She also follows keenly on the sales and looks at the styles that are doing well and those lagging behind. Kate uses the styles they make and ensured that the company communicates effectively with its customers. Fabletics enables customers to take part in a lifestyle quiz that helps it get them the best gear.