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“Securus Technologies: A Testament Of Revolutionary Security Technology”

Securus Technologies is one of the most innovative and largest security communications and monitoring businesses in the defense industry. They assist millions of families daily to be able to effectively speak with and see their incarcerated love ones through the most up-to-date electronic smart devices and software. They are able to provide computers, phones, tablets and personal computers. Securus service members and software designers are so adept at what they do, they release new technological advancements on a weekly basis to make the jobs of security agents much easier. Not only does Securus bring together families, their revolutionary monitoring systems have contributed to thousands of crimes being solved and corruption exposed. Recently, they compiled a short list of positive testimonies where their services have prevented crimes or resolved them. They have excluded all traces of location origin or name to prevent investigative case infringement.


  • “Investigative utensils ensure our guards can effectively lead investigations when there is a problem or complaint of a misgiving or a possibility of future danger to our prison or community.“


  • “We were investigating a case of a missing inmate when I requested your assistance in regard to the covert alert feature. With Securus help, we were able to accurately employ this feature and apprehend the suspect.


It can be a hassle traveling back and forth to jail for families with incarcerated loved ones. Securus Technologies has completely eliminated the red tape and need to travel grievances with their new “anywhere visit” feature. This feature allows people to arrange ahead of time, an allotted point in time for visitation through remote viewing like skyping. This feature is so accurate that it is just like two people being in the same room together side by side. Securus Technology continues to forge the way in revolutionary methods of security.